A ‘Thank You’ from the Ladies Lacrosse Team

Dear Sparta Fund committee

Thanks so much for accepting our application for funds to help buy some equipment we otherwise would not be able to purchase! We can already see some of the benefits … our Varsity teamis currently UNDEFEATED for theseason, including defeating Division 1 Episcopal H.S.

The lacrosse goals and tackling dummies are great additions to our program that will benefit Stratford girls for years to come.

  • The practice goals allow the girls to get more shooting practice on the side while still being able to use other goals for drills. These goals also have better stringing system that keeps us from having to wrap the string around the goal pipes, thus prolonging the quality of the nets.
  • The Lacrosse Tackling Dummies are phenomenal, too. They provide more realistic dodging, with the added benefit of saving our goalies from wear and tear in practice. We use the dummies in the goal circle as a simulated goalie so girls can shoot around a three dimensional figure, rather than just a screen with holes placed across the goal.

Thanks you again for your generous support. We are so appreciative and look forward to many years of using this equipment.


Coach Scott Elmore and The Lady Spartan Lacrosse Team