PTSA Scholarship Winners


Over the last two weeks, the PTSA has had the privilege to award faculty and student scholarships at the recent Stratford Underclassmen and Senior Honor Nights. The faculty and senior scholarships are made possible through the PTSA scholarship fund which relies on the support of our community and family donors.  We want to thank those who donated this year. This generosity has provided the opportunity to award 12 – $1,000 Stratford Senior Scholarships.  The following SHS Seniors received a 2019 Student PTSA Scholarship:

Mary Ann Brasher, Grace Custer, Sam Habel, Allyson Hollister, Joseph Kim, Luis Montes, Grace Mosby, Erin Newsom, Andrew Plant, Melanie Raley, Yasmin Talki, and Samantha Wagner.

 The following educators will be continuing their education or attending conferences to prepare them in their careers further. The PTSA is pleased to provide $5,000 in scholarship funds, and each scholarship recipient will be awarded up to $1000 each. The following faculty members received a 2019 Faculty PTSA Scholarship:

Kellie Bolen, Michael Fahey, Julie Henry,

Jennifer Shock, Elaine Sorsby, and Christine Walker.

 The Anton Segal Memorial scholarship is special.   Anton Segal was a Harvard graduate who spoke five languages and traveled the world.  He enjoyed learning about others and welcomed the opportunity to learn about other cultures.  The Owner of Hungry’s Café, The Nowamooz family, has continued his legacy through this unique scholarship which is exclusively for Stratford Juniors. Hungry’s Café has generously donated this scholarship for over a decade.  It is a special scholarship in that the winner may choose to use the $4,000 award for their education or use the money and go out into the world and explore – as Anton did.  We received many excellent applications.  It was a difficult decision, but we were able to identify one winner and two runner ups. Hungry’s has also generously donated two $100 gift certificates for the Runner Ups.

The Winner of the Anton Segal Scholarship is Fay Gibb.

Runner Ups are Bea Jeon and Taylor Belger.

Congratulations to all our winners.  A final thank you to our scholarship committee for their hard work and service.  The following individuals served on the scholarship committee:

Kellie Dietert, Allison Creed, Jennifer Shock,

Jim Herrington, Amanda Thompson, and Darryl White.